Not Provided Round Up and the Future of SEO

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As you know by now google has completely eliminated the top KW data from Google analytics in the name of privacy or something. In actuality we know that google is doing this to promote Adwords and kill SEO. Google hates that fact then their is an entire industry devoted to manipulating search results and reverse engineering their algorithm. They will not explicitly admit it but any SEO consultant who has been in the game for a reasonable amount of time can clearly see this is the case.

I have been weening myself from Google for a while now. Long ago I started using Hittail for KW data simply because I liked their interface and the ability to get keyword data in a simple laid out form. Hittail makes it easy to see long tail KW data. In my opinion this is where the money is. Most SEO companies ignore long tail and focus on the trophy KW’s for their clients. My second source of KW data are search queries from Google Webmaster Tools. I like to see what search queries people are using versus the “top” keyword.

The elimination of top keyword data presents an opportunity for SEO experts to eliminate a crutch and a vulnerability which is the reliance on Google for search marketing. Google is the largest search engine and they also owns the second largest search engine YouTube. There is nothing that Google Webmaster tools or Analytics will tell you that 3rd party tools can’t. We aren’t against using any of Google’s tools as they as free in exchange for access to all of your data.


We are in a world where mobile devices are prevalent and there processing power has gone up immensely. Google Now and SIRI are the future of search. Not in their current form on iPhones and Android devices but in the form of Google Glass, Smart-watches and other non invasive wearable tech that we haven’t imagined yet.

Keywords are only a small part of search marketing but a lot of SEO’s treat them like the holy grail of search engine optimization. It’s more important for you to answer the searchers question or satisfy the query than anything else when it comes to SEO. How do you measure that? By monitoring user behavior, conversions, and segmentation.


We all know that user behavior and time on site is super important in light of recent Google updates. CrazyEgg and ClickTale are two great tools for visualizing how users interact with content on your site. User behavior in my opinion is the single greatest metric to to measure. Only your visitors can tell you if you have great content or not. And they will tell you that by interacting, hanging out for a while, and sharing your content.


You should be using conversion rate optimization just as much if not more than keyword data. A conversion can be something as small as an email capture, social share or phone call all the way to something obvious like a purchase. The best way to increase conversions is by A/B testing your site. Optimizely makes it dead simple to A/B test. Start out with simple tests and make sure you have enough traffic to generate an adequate sample size before making any conclusions.


Advanced web analytic experts suggest that viewing data in the aggregate is useless. I tend to disagree but I also realize the value in segmentation to gain more valuable insights from your data. Segmentation is a fairly simple process in Google Analytics. Three recommended segments to get started with are social media, 1 page views, and 4 page views or more.

By segmenting your social media traffic you can see which social media channels and shared content converted the best or provided the highest levels of engagement.

Segmentation of users who looked at one page and bounced will give you ideas about how you can better improve your content and what traffic medium are least relevant to your content.

Finally segmenting users who viewed 4 pages or more will give you insight into your most engaging traffic channels and th ones you should invest more time an effort into.

All the data is there we just need to stitch it together.

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How YouTube is Dominating Google Searches

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It’s been a while since Google acquired YouTube and we are seeing their monetization plan begin to mature. Lately in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) we have been seeing a lot of YouTube videos. Many speculate that Google is boosting their own web property in the effort to boost revenue. Only Google knows if that is the case. In the meantime we see a lot of SEO’s taking advantage of youtube videos. We have always stressed the importance of video in terms of web marketing and the clients that took our advice are well ahead of the curve on this one enjoying a lot of exposure in the search results with a nice video thumbnail appearing in the search results. Be sure to check out the image below:   Search Engine Optimization In the images below you can see how Google is making money from YouTube. The yellow areas are highlighted to show you the different methods. The first and most obvious method is display advertising from website owners. In the form of display ads, and videos ads that play before a the actual YouTube video. The second method is by sending affiliate traffic to sites like and ITunes. You can also see that the Google Play store is the first link directly competing with Amazon in the digital media space. That would be the only niche that Google is competing with Amazon in.   Youtube SEO In the final pic you can see that Google is taking on Netflix, Hulu Plus and the like by directly selling television shows for download.   youtube-episodes

Marketing to the Snapchat Generation

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It’s funny howvine marketing apprehensive some of my clients are about taking pictures for the internet. Mainly social media and YouTube. There is a large disconnect between those who are 40 and above and those who are 30 and below. have you ever watched a group of friends in there 20′s interact when they are out on a Friday night. Everything is pic worthy. In the era of catfishing everyone is skeptical of anyone everything they see on the internet.

If you run a business where your average sales is greater than 1,000 you can never have to many pictures. You know what happens when you have to many pictures…your visitors just click through them faster, but they still click through them increasing time on site. Time on site is a very important metric in Google’s eyes and one that is used to determine relevance in realm of SEO.

In case you have missed it there are apps, plural a.k.a. more than one solely for the purpose of sharing pictures on the internet and your future customers (younger than 24 generally) love to over share ever detail of their life. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Flickr, Vine etc are all geared towards sharing. Even those who consider themselves computer illiterate in this group throughly understand privacy settings on Facebook and other social networks.

HMMMMMM so how do I use this to grow sales? I’m going to pick some very dry industries and break it down real simple for you. Insurance and Pharmaceutical manufacturing are very dry industries.

So suppose you sell E & O insurance because thats about as dry as it gets in the insurance world. What are some risky occupations that you insure against? How about an accountant making a mistake on taxes, or a land surveyor miscalculating a stake out on a Walmart Supercenter which results in a lot of concrete waste.

If you what to appeal to surveyors you need pictures of trucks, laser pointers, buildings, and various construction projects being staked out. You can find enough variety in those categories to alone keep an Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc. feed full of pictures.

For an accountant I would go as broad as only using pic of expensive, elegant, exclusive, ultra luxury items under the pretense of a having your numbers under control using a good accountant will allow you to grow your money to the status of an OPEC World Leader. You can can do that with picture only feeds…the rules haven’t been exactly established yet. Keep in mind that the longest a snap chat last is 10 seconds, on average 6 seconds. So the time you have to catch the attention of a younger buyer online you have very little time, and you need video in addition to your text no exceptions.

First Steps For Social Media

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Social MediaNow that you have you shiny brand new business it’s time to market it. Since you know that that marketing on the internet is the best bang for your buck you are going to focus there first. Since your tight on cash starting out you decide to bootstrap some of the internet marketing and take in social media yourself. If only you knew where to start.

Step 1 – Build A Blog.
The blog on your website should serve as the foundation for your social media marketing efforts. Fill your blog up with posts that your target audience will find useful. Don’t rehash the same crap your competitors are talking about. Instead you need to take the lead and be an authority in your space. Hire interns to conduct research if needed but make sure you only have quality content that your visitors would want to bookmark.

Step 2 – Get on YouTube.
Yes you needed video yesterday. YouTube is the #2 Search engine and people love videos. Most smartphones are good enough to use for web videos. Get creative and come up with an interesting video about your product or service and upload it to YouTube. Make sure you use the proper tags, category and description. Link to your home page in the description.

Step 3 – These Sites
Set up an account on LinkedIn for yourself and connect with those who you know on the site already. Create a Facebook Page for you business. Setup a Twitter account. Register and get a link from the BBB. LAstly create a profile on Angies List. Upgrade and spend money on your Angie’s Listing it makes a difference. Set up a deal or some type of special offer.

Step 4 – Update Well
Add great evergreen content to your social media websites. Make sure you update your sites once every 1-3 days.  Create posts that provide a benefit to the audience you want to attract. Example: If you are a kitchen remodeler you can tweet recipes or anything kitchen relates. A plumber could tweet about bathroom decorating ideas. You audience is anyone who owns a bathroom. People don’t care about your company unless it is charity related.